Cool-it clamp-on pipe shield lang

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15cm breed, 90cm lang hitteschild met supersnelle klem-bevestiging. Isoleer waar nodig!

Speciaal, simpel te bevestigen 90cm lang hitteschild rond uitlaat, catalysator of ander te isoleren materiaal. Goed afgewerkt materiaal, simpel te bevestigen binnen seconden met 'slang'-klem. Directe bescherming voor oververhitting, tot 98% van de schadelijke stralingswarmte wordt geelimineerd!


The flexible clamp on pipe heat shield blocks over 98% of the damaging radiant heat of the exhaust.The High-tech composite construction of the heat shield provides the ultimate in protection.

The kits come complete with all clamps and install in minutes.

Clamp-on pipe heat shields are available in one, two and three foot lengths. Clamp-on pipe heat shields incorporate Thermo-Tec's proprietary coating technology developed by Thermo-Tec, Thermal Conduction Technology