Thermo Guard isolatiemat 120*180 2-zijdig

    Levertijd:meestal binnen 1 week
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geluidswerende isolatiemat 120*180cm, zowel in motorruimte als compartiment toe te passen!

geluidsdempende isolatiemat 120*180cm, zowel thermische als geluidsisolatie, brandwerend materiaal met 1-zijdig thermische isolatie. Levertijd kan oplopen tot 3 maanden


Thermo-Guard FR offers the best in head and sound insulation.  This lightweight, durable shield does everything: reduces sound, absorbs vibration, protects from radiant heat and provides an extra layer of insulating padding.  The product features 100% synthetic fiber felt that provides sound and comfort control and a high-tech foil heat barrier that blocks more than 90% of radiant heat.

Thermo-Guard FR is very easy to apply - it can be trimmed to fit anywhere. Great for use in trucks, RVs, buses, cars, aircraft and homes. Available in two sizes with one or two foil sides; the synthetic felt material is also available without foil. May be applied with Thermo-Tec's new Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive.